JW-250 PCB NG-OK PCB Unloader

Used after AOI or reflow oven

NG PCB in one magzine,OK PCB in another magzine

Four different magzines suitable

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NG/OK PCB magzine unloader:



Brand JW-250 JW-330 JW-390 JW-460
Dimension 1700*750*1200mm 1950*830*1200mm 2210*920*120mm 2210*990*1200
Magzine size 355*320*563mm 460x400x565 mm 535*460*570mm 535*530*570mm
PCB Size 50*50~350*250mm 50×50~ 455*330mm 50*50~530*390mm 50*50~530*460mm
Air supply 5kgf/cm2 5kgf/cm2 5kgf/cm2
Power voltage AC220V 50/60HZ AC220V 50/60HZ AC220V 50/60HZ
Transport height 900±20mm 900±20mm 900±20mm
PCB Thickness 0.4~8mm 0.4~8mm 0.4~8mm
Transport direction L to R; R to L L to R; R to L L to R; R to L
Repeatability 0/05mm 0/05mm 0/05mm
Weight 130kg 150kg 150kg

Product Features:

1.Super aluminum frame,much more stable,direction from L to R or R to L.

2.Full color touch screen control with automatic alarm function,easy and convenient.

3.PLC control with Omron relay control,high performance.

4.Adopt imported roller screw and support for up and down system,no noise and shake.

5.Intelligent control system, built-in detailed fault retrieval function and safety detection system,
sound and light alarm when abnormal, and text prompt processing scheme

6.Each lift has three safety limits, which are safe and reliable.

7.Adopting 4 upper and lower cylinder clamp frames, stable and reliable, accurate board entry

8.Hand-cranked push rod cylinder widening system, convenient and fast

9.Up step can be set according to component height on the PCB.



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