JW-A901A Bulk Components lead cutter

1.Professional manufacturer

2.Suitable for all main components

3.Automatically feed capacitors,other kinds of components,feed manually

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Components lead cutter:

Components lead cutter is used to cut the legs of DIP components before put into automatic insertion machine,like Capacitors,resistors,LEDs,Diodos and so on.Our JW-A901A is a full set of die cutting machine with automatic feeding bowl+die cut+forming machine.

Product Specification:

Brand Jwide
Model JW-A901A
Power Supply 220V ,AC 60Hz/50Hz
Dimension 1100*650*1050mm
Weight 100kg
Cutting speed 100~180 pcs/minute
Radial cutter applicable components Bulk electrolytic capacitors, LEDs, transistors, triodes, 

polyester capacitors, ceramic capacitors

Vibration plate applicable components Bulk electrolytic capacitors(Diameter:3~10mm,height:

No bigger than 16mm); LEDs(Diameter:3~5mm)

Components Feeding Automatic

Product Features:

1.Adopt Japanese steel plate,long lifespan,easy adjust.(Cutting knife and cut 3~6pcs of components each time)

2.Cutting precision:Mininum 2.5mm( component foot length adjustable)

3.Motor and electricity parts are all imported.

4.Lead cutter and Vibration plate can combine to work or work separately.

Automatic Feeding bowl+die cut:

PCB lead cutter

Die cut machine:

components lead cutter

Feeding bowl+die cut+forming machine:

components lead cutter





1.Years with experience for exporting market.

2.Feeding bowl,die cut can be sold separately.

3.Die cut material is imported SDK11.

4. Can make to order

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