JW-810S single PCB magzine loader

Single PCB magzine loader is used to load one magzine only for SMT assembly line to save more space.


MOQ: 1 Set

Delivery:5~7 days after payment

Payment: TT 100% in advance

Trade Terms: EXW,CIF or FOB

Warranty: 1 year for free

Price: Negotiable

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Single PCB magzine loader,Single PCB loader


Technical Specification:

Brand Jwide
Model JW-810 loader JW-810S loader JW-810L loader JW-810XL loader
Outer dimension 1430*800*1600mm 1075*860*1600mm 1800*950*1600mm 1800*1010*1600mm
Magzine size 355*320*563mm 355*320*563mm 535*460*570mm 535*530*570mm
PCB Size 350*50~250mm 350*50~250mm 530*50*390mm 530*50~460mm
Air supply 5kgf
Power voltage AC220V 50/60Hz
PCB Thickness 0.4~8mm
Transport direction L to R;R to L
Repeatability 0.05mm
Weigh Approx.220Kg Approx.180kg Approx.250kg Approx.280kg

Product Features:

1.Research purpose:to achieve the automation of SMT,suitable for other similiar PCB in loading&unloading.

2.Decrease the pad oxide in manual operation,and the labor

3.Apply to import PLC Controller,high automation,ensure the stability

4.Can set the function of single-up,Max.times up to 10

5.The frame is applying to the superior aluminum material,superior selection,strong and durable

6.Apply to high precise SMT handspike exported from Japan,ensure the in-putting  without mistake.


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