JW-828E aluminum PCB Cutting machine

PCB applicable: FR4 and aluminum

PCB thickness:0.5~3mm

Max.PCB length: 600mm

Platform or table optional

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Technical Specification:

Brand Jwide
Model JW-828E
Outer dimension 800*380*240mm
Cutting speed 0~400mm/second
Cutting Motor 1P AC220V
Power supply 1P AC220V 50/60HZ
Suitable material Aluminum,Copper,FR4 PCB
PCB thickness 0.5~3mm
Weight Approx.40Kg


Product Features:

1.High performance and safety;easy operation and maintainence.
2.Unique shape,practical operation and gorgeous appearance,made by advanced coating process.
3.Cutting principle:PCB with V-CUT moves back and forth under the two knives .
4.The worker just needs to hang on the PCB during cutting to achieve idea cutting effect.
5.It can decrease physical length during cutting to  avoid welding spot cracking.
6.Apply to all kinds of  V-CUT PCB boards.
7.The most suitable for long LED boards cutting,it can cut indefinite long LED boards by adding the tracks .


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