JW-RS350 Medium size dual wave solder

1.Suitable for medium size quantity production

2.Max. pcb  width:280mm

3.Control system:press button/computer/I-touch optional


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Dual wave solder:

Dual wave solder is used to weld PCB after insertion machine.


Product Specification:

model JWRS-350
Dimension 4200*1200*1650MM
Power supply 3P5W,380V/220V 50/60HZ 63A
Start power 22.5KW
working power 8KW
control system PC+PLC
transmission method air cylinder
spray pressure 0.25MPa-0.4MPa
flux flow control 10-100 ml/min
Auto fill flux automatic
exhaust method up&down exhaust
exhaust tube diameter 200
exhaust capacity 25M3/Min
Preheating mode IR tube
temp.control mode PID+SSR
preheat zone qty 3
preheat zone length 1600mm
heating temperature room temp.~250°C
warm up time Approx. 15min
PCB size Max.400*350mm
conveyor direction L__R;R__L
conveyor speed 0~2000mm/min
conveyor height 750±20mm
component height top:120mm/bottom:15mm
speed control mode closed loop
finger Titanium
rail width adjust Manual
rail angle 4~7°
solder pot working method Inverter
solder pot material Full titanium
wave height adjust Digital control by PC
solder pot heater power 6KW
solder pot mx.temp 300°C
solder pot capacity 250~350kg
solder pot warm up time Approx.180min(setting:250°C)
temp.control mode PID+SSR
others cooling method Enforced air
Finger cleaning Brush


Product Features:

1.Ultra-compact design; only 4.6′ long (1400 mm)

2.Variable-speed titanium finger conveyor for PCB s up to 6.5″ (200 mm)

3.Smooth, precise width adjustment via hand wheel

4.Automatic finger-cleaner with pump and recirculation system

compatible with cleaners for both rosin and aqueous fluxes

5.Conveyor angle adjustable from 3″-7″

6.Dual-wave system with twin variable frequency controlled motors

and independent adjustment of wave crest height

7.Corrosion resistant solder pot, capable of handling lead free

and conventional Sn-Pb solders

8.PID temperature control and built-in molten solder level sensor


Big size wave solder machine:

dual wave solder

Medium Size wave solder machine:

dual wave solder

Mini wave solder machine:

Wave solder detailed parts:


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