JW-HC680 PCB LIFO/FIFO Vertical buffer

JW-HC680 PCB LIFO/FIFO Vertical buffer

The vertical buffer allows PCB’s in LIFO or FIFO mode.

Capacity:5 pcs or 20pcs for option

Selectable pitch settings.

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PCB LIFO/FIFO Vertical buffer

Brand JW-HC680 PCB Buffer loader
Transport height 910+/-20mm
Transfer direction Left to Right or right to left
Operation side Front of the machine
Fixed rail Front side
Interface SMEMA COnnection
Capacity 20pcs
Lifo function available
Air supply 4~6 Bar,max. 10 liters/minute
Power supply AC220V
PCB size 50*50~350*250mm
Dimension 430*834*1150mm

Product Features:

1.The buffer conveyor is used after stencil printer or reflow oven for PCB buffer function.Can choose NG Buffer,OK pass.

2.Fifo and Lifo optional.

3.Servo motor to control lift and down position;more accurate.

4.Abnormal alarm funtion to keep easy maintainence.

5.The status of each slot can be changed independently.

6.Conveyor width adjustment using hand wheel

7.User friendly touchcreen control pane


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