JW-GD450+ Automatic PCB stencil Printer

JW-GD450+ Automatic PCB stencil Printer

Jwide Full automatic pcb printing machine,available for 50~600mm PCB length

High precision and good quality

1 year warranty

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Automatic PCB stencil printer

The automatic PCB stencil priFnter is used to print solder paste onto circuit boards automatically to save labor cost and achieve full automation for SMT assembly line.It’s used after PCB loader machine.

Product specification:

Brand JW-GD450+
Max.PCB size 450*350mm
Min.PCB size 50*50mm
Max. PCB weight 6kg
PCB margin gap configuration to 3mm
Transfer Speed 1500mm/second(max.)
Transfer height from the ground 900+/-40mm
Transfer guide rail direction L to R; R to L
Transfer mode One stage orbit
PCB support method Magnetic thimble,equal high block,vacuum suction cavity
Printing head Linear motor type close loop printing head
Stencil frame size 370*470~737*737mm
Max.Printing area 450*350mm
scraper type steel scraper/rubber scraper
Scraper length 220~500mm
Scraper height 65+/-1mm
Scraper thickness 0.25 diamond like carbon
printing speed 0~200mmmm/second
printing pressure 0.5~10kg
Power supply AC220V,50/60HZ,15A
External dimension 1140*1400*1480mm
Weight approx.1000kg

Product Features:

1.Special mathematical model, repeat accuracy ± 12.5 microns (± 0.0005 “) @ 6 σ, Cp ≥ 2.0.

2.Special high-rigidity UVW module drive mechanism and inverted triangle Z-axis lifting mechanism to effectively improve the stability of the platform adjustment.

3.under the fine adjustment to achieve ultra-fine transmission, the machine meets the requirements of higher precision printing.

4.Simple and reliable structure, easy to adjust, you can quickly achieve different thickness of the PCB board PIN pin height adjustment of the automatic adjustment.

4.Independent direct-coupled stepper motor control, built-in precision pressure control system, can accurately measure the original blade pressure value

5.The pressure of the scraper, the printing speed, the printing range are software adjustable, and provide customers with the A variety of stripping methods to adapt to different requirements of the PCB board.

6. Flat belt drive, can be programmed to achieve different transport speed and action; new concept guide, seamless transmission to ensure the reliability of PCB transport; adaptive PCB board thickness, process more Simple;

7.software adjustable pressure elastic side pressure, can be equipped with the bottom of the overall suction chamber vacuum, and the bottom of the local vacuum.

8.Automatic cleaning structure; high-power fan plus Venturi vacuum generator device vacuum; dry , wet ,vacuum three cleaning methods, and can choose any combination of free, 

9.length Clean paper, easy to disassemble, save resources; soft wear-resistant rubber wipe board, clean thoroughly, easy to disassemble.

10.To achieve a variety of sizes (370mm x 470mm ~ 737 mm x 737 mm) of the network box printing, and can be achieved in the production process of rapid replacement models; Y to automatic positioning.

11.Using independent research and development of modular integrated circuits, safe, easy to repair; using the industry’s most advanced industrial control system, the machine can be modified in the process of moving parameters.


PCB Stencil printer PCB printing machine

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Weight 270 kg
Dimensions 96 x 81 x 173 cm

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