JW-808H Reflow exit conveyor

1.Reflow oven exit conveyor

2.High temperature belt

3.Customerized width

4.Cooling fans installed


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Reflow exit conveyor function

The reflow exit conveyor is used to transport PCB after reflow oven,which is specially made for clients according to their request.

Technical Specification:

Brand Jwide
Model JW-808H Reflow conveyor
Outer Dimension 1500*550*1120mm
Conveyor height 950+/-20mm
PCB Belt width 408mm
Total machine width 432mm
Conveyor length 1.5M
Cooling fans quantity 6pcs totally
Machine structure aluminum frame
Direction Left to Right; right to left
Foot switch standard
cooling fans quantity customerized
Alarm Automatically when pcb reaches end of conveyor
Belt material Black ESD High temperature
Communication plug SMEMA Signal plug for up&down line
Weight Approx.75Kg

Product Details:

1.Conveyor Left to Right: Left Side Connects to Reflow Oven.

2.Height conveyor(from ground to belt): 950mm +/-20mm adjustable with Hand Crank

3.Standard high temperature belt is 60~70 degree Celsius

4.Extension on LEFT SIDE: 152.4mm (6 inches),Overall Height of Extension (Including Belt + Roller) is Approximately 25mm .

5. Sensors and Sound Alarm,Light Tower towards the end of conveyor

6.Once PCB reaches end of conveyor, Audible Alarm & Light Tower will turn on

7.Conveyor will move forward upon PCB exiting reflow

8.Conveyor stops when the board is out of the reflow

9.Stop/Go Configuration with Middle Sensor


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