Sony G200AA pick and place machine

Sony G200AA pick and place machine

  1. F130AI,G200AA,E1100 series in stock
  2. All sizes of Mechanical and electric feeders available
  3. Nozzles and spare parts available
  4. Well maintained

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Sony pick and place:

Professional Seller for Sony pick and place,Sony original used Feeder,both Mechanical and electric Feeders,Nozzles and spare parts for many years.We have engineers with years of experience in Sony pick and place,can solve all your problems.


Stocked Pick and place:

F130 series:6 sets

F130AI:4 sets

G200AA: 2 sets

G200BB:5 sets

E1100:3 sets


Technical specification:

Model SI-G200AA
Weight 2300KG
Dimension 1220*1850*1575mm
PCB direction L to R; R to L
Machine height 900mm+30,-10
Speed 45,000CPH
Best speed 0 . 08S  ( flying camera)
1. 0S     (fixed camera)
Precision ±0.045um(3δ)
Applicable components 0402~□12mm(flying camera)
□6mm~□25mm(fixed camera/option)
Feeder quantity Mechnical Feeder: 80pcs
Electric Feeder:116pcs
Nozzle 12 nozzles
PCB size Min:5 0 × 50mm
Max:4 6 0 × 410mm
Power supply 3phrase 2 0 0V ± 10% 5 0 /60Hz      15A
Air comsuption 0.5L/min



Sony pick and place


Company introduction:

ShenZhen J-wide Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005,
mainly specialize in selling SMT and AI machines,Our products cover:SMT stencil printer,PCB loader,PCB unloader,PCB bare board loader,PCB turn conveyor,PCB flipper,PCB link conveyor,reflow oven,wave solder,Solder paste mixer,SMD chip counter,PCB V cut separator,PCB lead cutter,SMD taping machine,Conformal coating machine,etc,and we also sell used Sony and Mirae brand chip mounters,and spare parts.

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