JW-808B Wave outfeed conveyor

1.Speed adjustable

2. width:400mm(standard),not adjustable

3.ESD anti-skid green belt

4. High temperature bearable belt

5. AC110 or AC220 available

6. Three,Six or 12 cooling fans available


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Technical Specification:

Brand Jwide
Model JW-808B wave outfeed conveyor
Outer dimension 1200*490*1200mm
Conveyor width 400mm(optional)
PCB Direction L to R;or R to L
Speed 0~4000mm/min
Motor 1P AC220V 50/60Hz 15W
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50/60Hz
Conveyor height 750~1200mm
Belt material static-free or steel mesh belt
Transmission length 400+800mm
Weight Approx.48Kg

Product Features:

1.Apply to connect the wave soldering and plug-in lines,unload PCB assembly after soldering.

2.Install heat radiation devise to cool PCB and elements to the full extent.

3.Belt materials selectable,hole green belt and anti-skidding belt.

4.The speed of the belt can be adjusted,as well as the angle and height of the railway.

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